Santa Cruz Mountain Tops has a long rich cultivation and manufacturing history based in one of the state’s best bioregions for growing cannabis – the Santa Cruz Mountains. The many different microclimates in this area are suitable to a range of different strains of cannabis bringing to market a wide selection of medicine from all lineages. Our specific cultivation sites were matched with various Jack Herer and F1 Durban Poison strains and our favorite CBD strain Valentine-X. Our love of growing in the Santa Cruz Mountains once brought us to the High Times Cannabis Cup winning an award for Best Sativa. Today we source all of our flower from Santa Cruz and focus our skills on manufacturing, currently offering a line of strain specific tinctures and sublingual mints. Our mints are made with terpenes and are designed to explore the cannabis entourage effect while our tinctures are made with whole flowers and never distillate or isolate. Whole flower extracts bring forward many of the lesser-known cannabinoids and other beneficial components of the cannabis plant and makes for really good medicine. Enjoy!

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