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Santa Cruz Mountain Tops

Premier Cannabis-Infused Edibles Crafted in the Heart of Santa Cruz
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At Santa Cruz Mountain Tops — we believe that cannabis is wellness.

Based in Santa Cruz, CA, we are surrounded by a vibrant cannabis community and incredible natural landscapes that evoke profound admiration.

From recreational to medical effects, cannabis tinctures and edibles play a cornerstone role in many lives. Whether you're paddling out at The Lane, exploring the wonders of the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, or relaxing at home — our cannabis-infused tinctures, drink mix, and Ganja Doses are ready to refresh the mind, relax the body, and revitalize the spirit.

Available in Santa Cruz and the rest of California, Santa Cruz Mountain Tops is committed to lab-tested cannabis tinctures and edibles. If you're ready to experience the laid-back vibe that Santa Cruz is renowned for — you'll find it in each dose of our expertly crafted cannabis products!



Clean. Pure. Effective

Overall, Santa Cruz Mountain Top's Ocean Tinctures are crafted for the needs of different individuals in mind.

Experience the pure relaxation of indica, bursts of energy and creativity with sativa, or the undisputed therapeutic effects of CBD.

Our Ocean Tinctures exhibit a whirlwind of terpene choices and potencies with a couple of key of CBD ratios. However, the most important aspect is our Ocean Tinctures are lab-tested and made with all natural ingredients. These tincs are good for the body and good for the soul.

Whether you're on the go or soaking in the rays at Natural Bridges State Beach — our Ocean Tinctures are easy to use and taste great.


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At Santa Cruz Mountain Tops — we believe in microdosing.

We created our Ganja Doses in the form of delicious mint edibles to give consumers a chance to find the perfect dose for their needs. Whether you're new to cannabis edibles or not — the Ganja Doses provide dose after dose of potent THC, CBD, or both.

Our Ganja Doses are meant to be used sublingually, which provides effects within 45-minutes. The best part? They are sugar-free!

Dose after dose, you'll find a restful night's sleep, creative energy, uplifting euphoria, and so much more with our premier Ganja Doses.


Mix and match just 

how you like it!


*Cannabis Cup 2021 award*

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Infuse your own favorite beverage!

Our Beber single terpene drink mix is designed to be mixed in your favorite drink without altering the flavor, and provides effects within 35-minutes.


What is your favorite beverage? Coffee? Tea? Root Beer? Favorite cocktail?

Make it just a little bit better with BEBER.


Infuse your own!

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